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  • Team members will be required to remain home if demonstrating signs/symptoms of illness, including but not limited to, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes or nausea.

    • Any team members that arrive to work displaying the above symptoms will be sent home immediately.

  • All team members will complete a health screening survey at the beginning of every shift.

  • All team members will remove all personal belongings (keys, cell phones, jewelry/watches) and place in designated storage areas. No personal belongings will be permitted in production areas.

  • Masks will be worn by all team members at all times until CDC guidelines are changed.

  • All team members must wash hands prior to beginning work and in between tasks.

  • All team members will wear disposable gloves at all times. Gloves are to be changed if torn, contaminated, when switching tasks, and in specified intervals.

  • All team members must maintain mandated social distancing measures.

  • Contracted locations, offices, warehouses, and vehicles will be sanitized and disinfect all surfaces routinely throughout the day.



  • Team members will adhere to social distancing guidelines.

  • All self-service food and beverage offerings are discouraged until further notice.

    • All previously sold self-service food and beverage offerings will be recommended to adjust to a staffed or other option.

    • Butler passed and Chef Station mini plate services will continue to be offered.

    • Staffed food and beverage stations, rather than self-serve, will be the preferred method of service going forward.

  • Routine sanitizing of all surfaces both in the front and back of the house will take place

  • periodically throughout the event.

  • All service locations (stations, bars, etc.) will have hand sanitizer and additional gloves

  • available for team members and guests.

  • Every food and beverage station will have hand sanitizer available at the

  • beginning of each station.


  • All table set or rental items such as chargers, plates, glassware and utensils will remain in original packaging and be moved to the dining room just prior to being unwrapped and handled.

  • Any additional or backup products will remain in original packaging until needed.

  • Any passed food items will be served in individual portions in their own vessel.

  • No plate, vessel, or glass will be reused or refilled.

  • Service items on the table which are typically communal (water pitchers, coffee carafes, salt and pepper shakers, sugars, creamers) will be brought out upon request, served in individual portions and removed served by server. Each item will be sanitized after use.




  • Team members will inform clients we are now a handshake free organization.

  • Hand sanitizer will be placed at venue entrances.

  • Event Planners will provide all clients the option of virtual consultations and venue visits via Zoom, FaceTime or other virtual meeting software familiar with both parties.

  • Clients will drive to locations in their own vehicles.

  • All consultations are to take place in spaces that allow an appropriate amount of distance based on the number of guests and team members will maintain social distancing.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for team members and guests to use on site tours as needed.

  • Meeting surfaces will be sanitized and Get Plated facility linen will be replaced after in person consultations and meetings.

  • Any food and beverage offerings will be individually portioned and packaged. Items

  • served will be placed/presented for guests by a gloved Get Plated team member.

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